All I can say is thank you.

You folks are the best. The kind phone calls, visits, handshakes and e-mails have been overwhelming. It remains to be seen if my appearance on the television will bring me any further riches, but I’ll tell you this, I’m a rich man already because of you kind folks.

Just for the record, those waders were borrowed, and were for a man about six feet tall, so they kinda bunched up around my midsection, which made me look kinda like an Oompa Loompa. I also want to note that in the interview segments where I’m sitting on the log, that was the last day and I didn’t know I was going on camera for that interview, so yes, I had not shaved. Since Indian men most often don’t have facial hair to speak of, and since I’m a mixed ‘Breed, what whisker growth I have is sorta random and unpredictable, often resembling maps of unstable third world nations, i.e., constantly shifting.

Just after the show the phone started ringing. The first caller said, "Man, can I have your autograph?" in good humor, and I said, "You shoulda asked yesterday. It was free then. It’s ten bucks now!"

The second caller was greeted by my answering the phone and saying, "Hi, this is the publicist for Roger Stouff. Mr. Stouff can’t come to the phone right now, can I take a message?"

Don’t worry. I’m not nearly so egotistical. Now, if it hadn’t been for those midsection-jumbling waders…I still don’t know why I had to wear waders, since we never got in more than mid-thigh deep water. I figured it was so the bears would have something to use as a napkin. Anyway, if it wasn’t for those waders and I had looked dashing and thin…well, it would have been an episode of The Twilight Zone, wouldn’t it?

The show did not include footage of the two big cutthroat trout I caught in Goose Lake, but I have photos to prove it. Joe Kipp, my Blackfeet cousin, is a trout fishing guide and there ain’t none better in Blackfeet country. If you wanna go, give him a call.

Don’t forget, Part 2 of "Native Waters" is Friday at 9 p.m., Saturday at 1 a.m. and Monday at 7:30 a.m. In this episode we’ll be fishing near Charenton in the basin and south of Houma near Bayou Dularge. Joe has traveled down to our world and we put out the red carpet for him, though the fishing wasn’t quite as good as it could have been thanks to two hurricanes and several cold fronts that came through that week.

Nease. Thank you for sharing my ramblings, my waters, and my world.


Consider the rest of this potpourri: A mixture of various scents, textures and colors.

Here’s the stinky stuff first.

Qualifying for local elections started today. Up for your perusal are candidates for mayor and council of the city of Franklin, and St. Mary Parish president and District 2 council member.

Both races are interesting in that Franklin’s council is running for the first time under a new district map, and the parish race falls in place after the unexpected departure of Bill Cefalu before his term expired. Qualifying continues through Friday, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t some, well, surprises in store before the books are closed.

Best of luck to all the candidates, and let the games begin!

Oh, wait, that’s after they get elected. Silly me.


This one kinda reeks, but not quite as badly.

I am glad to hear Gov. Kathleen Blanco threatening to play hardball by not signing off on offshore oil and gas leases. Though it’s probably not much of a pitch since the feds can overrule her, maybe she’s sending a message out that Louisiana is tired of being stepped on. We want the same 50 percent of royalties other states – including inland states for their federal leases! – get and we’ve been conned out of for decades. We want to use this for coastal restoration, and if you don’t think that’s important to you, well, watch out. The water’s rising.

I am frankly surprised a bunch of Cajuns who had water in their comes in Terrebonne or Delcambre haven’t staged an armed coup at a pipeline and shut off the valves by now. Sen. Butch Gautreaux said it best in Franklin not long ago: If we just got the same consideration as Iraq…