Okay. Sure. I知 paranoid. I知 divisive. I知 causing nothing but trouble and seeing conspiracies where there are none. Fine.

I have grudgingly but suspiciously accepted that the former parish president and Morgan City utilities director was in a photograph of parish government receiving the first check from the Amelia Belle Casino. It was explained to me that he was standing with that group as an acknowledgement to a former parish president. A sort of pat on the back, I guess.

Okay. Fine.

Then there痴 the same former parish president helping hold the scissors to cut the ribbon at the new clubhouse at the $11.3 million Atchafalaya Golf Course at Idlewild.

I been at this sordid business a long, long time. About two-to-three times longer than most of those guys been in office. And I never saw the likes of such a thing.

While I知 imagining things, did I imagine that a vote on whether or not to begin negotiating the superintendent of schools contract in St. Mary Parish was defeated by a vote of 6-3, with all six votes against being east of the Calumet Cut and all three in favor being to the west?

I am dreaming-up one hell of an east-west split, methinks.

Perhaps the most uplifting, nearly miraculous thing, I致e seen happen in the more than a quarter-century of my career in this business was the community-driven restoration of the lampposts on Main Street.

Certainly we致e applauded the committee members and the supporters of that initiative over and over again, with good reason! Our lamps are the signature avatar of Franklin, and their restoration has been nothing short of spectacular.

One wonders, though, what next? Is there a "next"?

I壇 hate to believe that a community force that demonstrated such determination and drive would just fade away at the end of that campaign. There痴 so much more to be done.

Oh, I know it was exhausting. Probably extremely frustrating at times. But look what was accomplished.

There痴 more to be done.

Lots more.

Let痴 say that by some miracle that resurfacing of downtown Main Street happens this next year like we致e been promised by both local and state muckety-mucks for years. You know what would be a great follow up to that? Restoring the missing sections of the old red brick curbs along the boulevard area, or from St. John say, to Foster Street. Over the years, we致e lost more than half of that lovely old historic curbing, and I think that would be a great project. Maybe along with a sidewalk restoration, ideally something similar to what Floors Etc. did in front of their establishment, but any restoration is better than nothing.

Here痴 another idea that would be right up the alley of a good community effort: A Christmas lights display on Main Street and Bayou Teche from November until New Year痴 Day, much like the city of Natchitoches puts on. Theirs started small but grew over the years into a truly spectacular show of holiday spirit. Visitors clamor into Natchitoches to see their lights, shop with their merchants along Cane River, eat at the restaurants in the same area, and ride the horse-drawn passenger wagon.

What about this: A classic boat show and race in conjunction with the Bear Festival. And if the city of Rayne can cause a statewide stir with frogs, why can稚 we do the same thing with bears? Bears are a lot cuter, to me.

The community can稚 sit and wait for government to do everything. We didn稚 sit and wait for government to save our lampposts: We took that bull by the horns and wrestled it into submission. We did the same thing with the Teche Theatre, not once but twice.

Can稚 we do it again?

Franklin Mayor Raymond Harris issued a plea with the citizens of this city that if they can稚 help clean up litter, at least don稚 come back right behind cleanups and trash the place again.

We in the South and particularly in Louisiana and, dare I say it, particularly south Louisiana, are some of the trashiest people in existence. You know, when I was in Montana, I didn稚 see a single scrap of litter the whole time I was there.

I don稚 know where this arbitrary trashiness came from, but please, people, you may think that cigarette butt or piece of hamburger wrap paper is nothing, but it all adds up. Use a dadgum trashcan, or save it until you find one.

Police are doing all they can. But people don稚 rob banks when they know the cops are looking, don稚 run red lights when they know the cops are looking and certainly don稚 throw a beer bottle out of the window when they know a cop is looking. It痴 up to us to report litter, and to end it. Nobody wants to come into a dirty town, I don稚 care how nice your lampposts, red brick curbs, sidewalks or bayouside Christmas lighting can ever be.