Another Stroll Down Memory Lane
February 1
8, 2009

By Roger Emile Stouff

Dare we say, "Sparked some memories"?

Here’s what folks sent in, once they got to thinking about last week’s column. Many of these go back much further than the 28-year epoch I had tried to stick to before, roughly corresponding to the oil bust, but are still indicative of what made this community thrive for a century and a half.

Joe Pirano Shoe Repair

Stansbury Sporting Goods

Musso Shoe Repair

Western Auto

Bailey’s Jewelry

Vee’s Lounge

Maggio’s Tamales

National Food Store


State Police Troop C office

Alleman’s Grocery

St. Ann’s Hospital.

The Fashionette

Varisco’s Grocery

The Opera House

Benny’s Barbershop

The Center Theatre

Wooger’s Barber Shop

Pete’s Fountain

Roy’s Barber Shop

Muller’s News Stand

Louviere’s Barber Shop

Cusimano’s Mens Wear

Golden Corral

Ticks Taxi Cab

Bilmar Restaurant

Robicheaux Barber Shop

Mr. Cook

Haydel’s Barber Shop

Hoy’s Pontiac-Buick

Schoienstein’s Bakery

Landry’s Store

The Buckhorn Bar

Adams Grocery

Gibbs Pharmacy

Frizzell’s Gun Shop

Pepsi Bottling Co.


Acme Department Store

Hidalgo’s Snow Balls

Achee Furniture Store

Ancona’s Snow Cones

W.C. Bourque Plumbing

Bea’s Diner

West Brothers

Ben Franklin’s

Franklin Wholesale

Jimmy’s Produce



Delta Café

Club Hwy. 90

Keenze’s Jewelers

Popkins Jewelers

Aycock Clinic

Barksdale Credit Union

Kool King Drive In

Anderson’s Grocery

Pecks Hotel

Gronen’s Grocer

Randozza’s Grocery

Morris Bros. Building Supplies

Hill-Behan Lumber

Fortiers Motors

Domino’s Grocery

Missouri Pacific Freight Office

Red Powers Service Station

Franklin Redi-Mix

Green Light Auto Parts

Hugh Hogan Lumber Yard

Eckerd Drugs

Pappa Don’s

The Ice House

The Derrick Club

REA Express

Piranio Shoe Repair

Roger’s Taxi Service

Marino Shoe Repair

S&A Service Center

Talbot Meat Market

Spot Cash Grocery

Achee Furniture Co.

Sterling Cash Store

Thibodaux Appliances

Teche Gulf Service Station

Hoy’s Pontiac-Buick Inc.

Ted’s Mobile Service Station

Techeland Furniture Store

Tom’s Mobile Service Station

West Brothers Dry Goods

Roy’s Radio & TV Service

The Western Co.

Raymond Talbot Electronic Service

The Wot-Not Shop

Auto-Lec Associate Store

E.A. Zetterland Concrete Co.

AAA Refrigeration Service Co.

W.C. Bourque Plumbing & Heating

Babyland Child Wear

Amusement Center

Acme Department Store

Burrel Café

Martin’s Cleaners

City Ice Service Co.

Clausen’s Appliance Service

Clausen’s Esso Service Station

Clausen’s Jeep Co.

Fran’s Confectionery

Philip Cusimano Pressing Shop

Frees Construction

Delta Café

The Franklin Store

Gronen’s Grocery

Hamm’s Radiator Shop

King Kone Quick Snack

Hebert’s Esso Service Center

Lombardo’s Sports Corner

Friendly News Stand

Hugh Hogan General Contractor

C.J. Landen & Co.

Jim’s Grocery

Doiron Appliances

Jip’s Taxi

Hub Cafe

John C. Lewis Insurance Agency

Shell Drive In

Joseph’s Super Market

Julie Motel

Falterman Brothers Conoco

June’s Beauty Salon

May Brothers, Inc.

Morris Brothers Building Supplies

Norwood Chevorlet Co. Inc.

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co.

Roland Poimboeuf TV Service

Popkin’s Jelwery Store

The Professional Pharmacy Inc.

I guess that’s our stroll down memory lane for today. The strength of a community’s businesses is not only in its diversity, but in its people. Only by growing from within do we expand outward.