“Dead Witch in the River” The first Lawson’s Peak Mystery

cover300wideMountain sheriff and city cop pursue a killer…
Wilda Proud Horse was Cherokee, but many in Long Valley called her a witch. She was rumored to cure sickness, cheat fate and sow love. When two boys find Wilda’s body beneath a sheet of ice in the river, Sheriff Gordon Bredenbury takes on his final case before he retires. But he has never investigated a murder; Long Valley has always been tranquil and free of violent crime. Gordon turns to a hard-boiled, jaded city detective for help, but indigenous spirits may stand between them and the killer.

2 comments to “Dead Witch in the River” The first Lawson’s Peak Mystery

  • Walt Thompson

    Roger, excerpt sounds great! Hope you are putting out this info on LA Fly Fish and Warm Fly boards. Should get a lot of hits and “Nominations” from folks on there.
    Best of luck and stay well!
    Oh…sure wish you were still writing more on here.

  • Roger Stouff

    Thank you, Walt. And I’m sorry, I don’t know where my gumption for column writing went…maybe it’ll come back eventually, but I got to the point where I felt like I was just repeating myself to fill space. We’ll see, maybe it’ll revive. Have a great one!

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