New Book by Roger Emile Stouff: “Carry Me Away: A Quest for Wild Places”

Just published: Carry Me Away: A Quest for Wild Places by Roger Emile Stouff. This is an full-color third memoir, with photographs mostly taken by the author.

Because of the cost of photo book production, this volume is priced at $35. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Carry Me Away functions as the logical third book in my memoirs, taking up where the last left off.

Book Description

Publication Date: December 23, 2012
Solastalgia: It’s that feeling of loss when, rather than leaving home, home has left you. In Native Waters, Roger Emile Stouff celebrated the world of the Chitimacha, people of the many waters, and mourned the passing of ancestors, spirits and a way of life. In The Great Sadness, the withering of those lands and waters had become tragedy. Home was leaving. The thinning of his native waters accelerated. But an inkling of a new place, a place still saturated with silence and comfort, began to tug at roots set down millennia before. Can a man find solace far from the place his ancestors have lived and died for thousands of generations? For want of a river. For a little slice of heaven. A quest for wild places, and a dream to carry in the heart.

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