“Fly Fish For Specks” By Pete Cooper Jr.

  My pal and Jedi Master Pete Cooper Jr. just released his third book, “Fly Fish For Specks.” Having had a small hand in bringing it to press, I know it’s a winner. Available in paperback and Kindle.

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  • Bob Borgwat

    Just read your piece, “Pete Cooper Jr. Ruined My Life” and want you to know that Pete Cooper also “ruined my life.” Thanks for sharing your story! Been a ‘coon’s ass since I’ve seen or fished with Sneaky Pete. Surely need to fix that. We spent a fair amount of time together in the early to mid-90s. Fished last with him in 2000-something. He was a contributing writer to the magazines I edited. He turned me onto the marsh and my life was never the same. Sadly, life has gotten in the way of the time Pete and I could/should still be sharing on the water, and I haven’t seen the inner workings of the marsh. I always hoped he would extend his love fly-fishing for wild trout, as well, to some time with me in the southern Appalachian Mountains where I live. He told me about his treks into these woods, and I always saw a little shimmer and shine in his eyes when he spoke of his beloved Nantahala Creek.

    I never got to see that stream in the hills of Louisiana, but I heard plenty about it. I was on his call list when he was introduced to it, thanks to what I think I recall he said was a Forest Service friend of his. If I’m not mistaken, the stream you allude to is, indeed, in the Kisatchee National Forest. He returned annually to that stream, and I always wanted to take up his invitation, but we never made it. I’m glad you did.

    I’ve been ready to “see Pete again” for far too many years. Think I’m gonna call him on the ‘morrow.

  • Roger Stouff

    Bob, do it, don’t wait. He’s a helluva guy, and I consider myself very, very fortunate to call him friend.

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