More Native Heritage Disappears from Louisiana


3 comments to More Native Heritage Disappears from Louisiana

  • John Ruskoski

    Now this was worth my time to say thank you for putting something like this out there Roger. Don’t you think their ‘priorities’ have been wrong for quite some time. They make every excuse in the world to save face for their own superficial values. They are here to annihilate your people for their own greedy cause through their monopoly games.

  • admin

    Edited your post, Jon, because the last part of your comment was completely out of line and I won’t tolerate it here.

  • Tika

    Yes, but there is Public Broadcasting and in Louisiana we think we’re the best of the best of that world – after all we did produce Native Waters: A Chitimacha Recollection – and it happens to be airing around the nation!!!!!

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