“Finding Lazarus” The first book of Askuwhetea: Days of the Watcher series

Finding LazarusLazarus Smith is the only name he ever knew, but it is not truly his. Whatever he was called before, whoever gave him the gift of a name, exists only in dreams of fire. For seventeen years he watched a world he could not comprehend or touch from high windows and behind the iron gates of an orphanage. Then he was set free, and he took to the road, with only vague recollections of people who loved him, and a name scribbled on paper: Lawson Mountain. Somewhere within the mountains west of Charlotte he believes there are people like him. People who know his true name, and perhaps what happened to his family. Though he runs afoul of sinister forces along the road, his quest also brings him true friendships and perhaps first love. A beloved, larger-than-life Native American from ‘The Lawson’s Peak Stories’, the boy who will become Lazarus Askuwhetea embarks upon his own life story in this new series by Roger Emile Stouff.

Elections, Rain and Addiction

Well, that was an interesting election. It’s been a long time. Despite the fact that nearly 62 percent of St. Mary Parish voters didn’t even bother, it was still interesting.

Congratulations to the winners, and commendations to those who didn’t place; offering yourself for public service is always commendable, and you’re to be applauded.

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Green Stuff

One of the most pleasing occurrences over the last year was that I planted a garden last spring for the first time in nearly two decades.

Now, I’m not a row-gardener. In fact, I almost didn’t become a gardener at all because in about 1993, I got the urge to plant some veggies. I spoke with the wisest old timer I knew, my father, seeking to gather some of that old-time mojo on the subject.

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Well, Hello There!

Well, hello there. Long time no see.

I take all the blame, so don’t chew me out too badly. It’s one of those things we go through in life, I guess. Changes, eventides. It happens. Sometimes we’re surprised by it, sometimes now.

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and say “Hey.” So, “Hey!” Hope everyone’s doing fine. Things are good with me, can’t complain; nobody’d listen anyway. Trust me. I’ve been complaining for decades, and so far, nobody’s listened. That’s fair enough. I seldom listen when anyone complains either.

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