Almost There?

Is it? Can it be?

Dare I say the word out loud?

I’ll just spell it, like people do when the kids are listening (we even do it when the dog’s listening): S-P-R-I-N-G.

Shhh! Don’t jinx it!

I hope it is. The winter from hades has been brutal. I haven’t been able to do pecan, the definition of “pecan” naturally being “fish.”

But maybe…

Just maybe…

If the rain forecast for Thursday isn’t a gulley-washer, just maybe then I’ll be able to head north. See, there’s a little sliver of heaven waiting for me up there among the low-slung, hog-backed hills. A slice of nirvana.

I haven’t seen it since October. That’s way too long! Been housebound and suffering from cabin fever. Put on too many pounds, too. But I’m pretty sure a fly rod will still fit in my hand.

It may be too early. We always go too early. Early for catching, that is. The fishing is always fine even if the catching is dismal. Don’t matter. We always go too early but we never mind. Sometimes there’s other people there, fellow sufferers of cabin fever but we don’t commiserate with them. We’re aloof in our disease. . . . → Read More: Almost There?