Far & Away

It had been since May that I reached into the wild places.

The spring had passed into summer, the rains soaked the earth and brought bright greens to the horizons; the heat never really became oppressive, not like last year was, so I kept saying to myself that I needed to get away.

But the rains had not fallen on those low-slung hills north of here and I was sure that my beloved creeks suffered. This was verified in late September when a friend passed by one of these streams and sent me a cellphone photo of a mostly dry creek bed, only a few pools of still, dark water visible.

I had not even renewed my fishing license when it expired at the end of June. Lack of flow up north, weariness and a short supply of enthusiasm kept me too firmly rooted to my chair in my living room.

But a couple weeks ago the need for wildness won out. It was the last week of the government shutdown. My pal and I wanted to head up to a creek on federal land, but so far as we knew we might not have access. The shutdown ended . . . → Read More: Far & Away