“A Divide Beyond Reason” The New Novel

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A story of three lives and the influences that molded them, “A Divide Beyond Reason” examines how the choices we make do not always turn out the way we hope.

Matt Bromley, Gordon Bredenbury and Casey Engleman were like brothers; they were born but a few weeks apart. As boys they were inseparable and adventurous; during the summer of 1936 they built a wooden rowboat, probed the secrets of a dark carnival and a mysterious Goat Boy, and were thrust into the path of a crazed Indian loner and a crime that shocked their small mountain community.

As grown men they remained as close as kin, but their lives slowly diverged until at last, as old men, they are reunited after years of estrangement and under the shadow of a crime carried out within the loose letters of a twisted law.

Now Matt Bromley faces the loss of his home to developers and corrupt county officials. He awaits the eviction with a shotgun in his hands. Casey Engleman has sided with those . . . → Read More: “A Divide Beyond Reason” The New Novel

Sweet Tea

Recently I have become infatuated with sweet tea.

I mean, it should be no surprise, right? The surprise it that’s taken me so long, I guess.

See, I was a Diet Coke addict for years. When finally I gave it up, not only did my acid reflux go away, allowing me to stop that daily purple pill after too many years of taking it, but I got off the hellacious aspartame.

Unfortunately, I am also hooked on having something “bitey” to drink when I get in the office in the morning and after lunch, and most especially after a nap on weekends, which is the slot Diet Coke used to fill. I found I could fill this void with Community Diet Iced Tea with Lemon, but unfortunately, that put me on the sucralose bandwagon, which I didn’t feel was a whole bunch better.

Now, a couple months ago, Community apparently stopped making the stuff in the cans. I was furious! See, Community makes real Southern tea. The others aren’t southern tea, they’re Yankee tea, and don’t give me that green tea nonsense, either. That’s not tea, that’s health food and if you take one look at me you’ll know . . . → Read More: Sweet Tea