This Place in Time and Space


How the heck are ya?

It’s been almost two months since we last spoke. Time doth fly, eh?

Not much to report, really. Life is good, with the occasional bout of irritation. Comes with the territory of living, I guess.

Me, I’m spending too much time indoors and working on my writing and publishing. Getting a little soft and expanded around the midsection. But this heat makes it hard to get out and do anything.

I hear now and then that some of you kind folks have been missing me. I do appreciate that. I suspect others of you are glad I’m gone, and to you I say…phfft!

In fact, if anything, I’ve withdrawn quite a bit over the last couple years and especially the last few months. I’ve gotten kinda reclusive. My favorite times are at home with Suzie and the dog and everything’s just kinda mellow and laid back and quiet. I’m slowly divesting myself of some of the things I’ve been involved with in the community and concentrating on just one or two, though some of them have divested themselves of me, so it all comes around, you know?

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