Well, hey there! Long time no see, eh?

Yes, I’ve been scarce of late. Overall, been pretty much a recluse far as I can manage to do so.

When I’m not here in this office, I usually find myself in my favorite reading spot or writing any one of three currently in-the-works novels. When weather, time and finances permit, I’m traipsing across stone and white sand and through cold water away from the sound of human voices other than those I want to accompany me, downstream or up, in search of solace.

At no point in this nearly 33-year career do I think I’ve gone so long without pontificating profoundly or inanely in a written column. I should have seen the signs creeping up on me like the first symptoms of a head cold or the flu. It started a year ago, maybe more. Weariness. A blank stare when I sat and stared at the blinking cursor on the white backdrop of an open word processor document. Sure, I’ve had bouts of writer’s block before. But not like this.

It seems that, completely by surprise, I’ve lost the spirit for it. The words don’t come easily as they used . . . → Read More: Eventide