“Dead Witch in the River” The first Lawson’s Peak Mystery

cover300wideMountain sheriff and city cop pursue a killer… Wilda Proud Horse was Cherokee, but many in Long Valley called her a witch. She was rumored to cure sickness, cheat fate and sow love. When two boys find Wilda’s body beneath a sheet of ice in the river, Sheriff Gordon Bredenbury takes on his final case before he retires. But he has never investigated a murder; Long Valley has always been tranquil and free of violent crime. Gordon turns to a hard-boiled, jaded city detective for help, but indigenous spirits may stand between them and the killer.

Just Published: “A River Named Vengeance”

A River Named Vengeance‘Things aren’t always what they seem…’

A family journeys home in the wake of tragedy. David Bromley and Garret Bredenbury return to the flood-ravaged valley below Lawson’s Peak where a man they both loved destroyed everything he cherished to save it. But questions loom above the grief; why a man like Matt Bromley left such inconceivable devastation behind. How he hid the enormity of his plight from his only remaining family. And why, in the end, did he walk off into the mountains he so loved for the last time. As Sheriff Gordon Bredenbury wrestles with the demons of blame and guilt, Garret and David search for answers and soon understand that the only place they’ll find them is in the heart of the man who caused all the pain: Howard DePalmo.

“Losing Home” just published!

Losing HomeA story eight thousand years in the telling… “This is all a dream to me. A dream from a thousand years ago. And I’m only glad that I can experience it while I’m still awake…” This is the story of a nation, and that of one of its own sons. An abridged version of Roger Emile Stouff’s first three memoirs, ‘Losing Home’ is his perspective of the Chitimacha people and of the vanishing landscape, coast and river basin they still call home. ‘Losing Home’ scrutinizes the environmental loss, the cultural challenges, and the personal tragedies that have forever altered land, water and people in what was once a true paradise of wilderness. It also chronicles change in a man’s life when all solace and those things of value that he has known withers and vanishes. ‘ Losing Home’ asks, what is home? And if home has left him can he ever find that place again?

Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon!

“A Divide Beyond Reason” The New Novel

print cover

A story of three lives and the influences that molded them, “A Divide Beyond Reason” examines how the choices we make do not always turn out the way we hope.

Matt Bromley, Gordon Bredenbury and Casey Engleman were like brothers; they were born but a few weeks apart. As boys they were inseparable and adventurous; during the summer of 1936 they built a wooden rowboat, probed the secrets of a dark carnival and a mysterious Goat Boy, and were thrust into the path of a crazed Indian loner and a crime that shocked their small mountain community.

As grown men they remained as close as kin, but their lives slowly diverged until at last, as old men, they are reunited after years of estrangement and under the shadow of a crime carried out within the loose letters of a twisted law.

Now Matt Bromley faces the loss of his home to developers and corrupt county officials. He awaits the eviction with a shotgun in his hands. Casey Engleman has sided with those . . . → Read More: “A Divide Beyond Reason” The New Novel

New Book by Roger Emile Stouff: “Carry Me Away: A Quest for Wild Places”

Just published: Carry Me Away: A Quest for Wild Places by Roger Emile Stouff. This is an full-color third memoir, with photographs mostly taken by the author.

Because of the cost of photo book production, this volume is priced at $35. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Carry Me Away functions as the logical third book in my memoirs, taking up where the last left off.

Book Description Publication Date: December 23, 2012 Solastalgia: It’s that feeling of loss when, rather than leaving home, home has left you. In Native Waters, Roger Emile Stouff celebrated the world of the Chitimacha, people of the many waters, and mourned the passing of ancestors, spirits and a way of life. In The Great Sadness, the withering of those lands and waters had become tragedy. Home was leaving. The thinning of his native waters accelerated. But an inkling of a new place, a place still saturated with silence and comfort, began to tug at roots set down millennia before. Can a man find solace far from the place his ancestors . . . → Read More: New Book by Roger Emile Stouff: “Carry Me Away: A Quest for Wild Places”

“Fly Fish For Specks” By Pete Cooper Jr.

  My pal and Jedi Master Pete Cooper Jr. just released his third book, “Fly Fish For Specks.” Having had a small hand in bringing it to press, I know it’s a winner. Available in paperback and Kindle.

“Mom Was Right: Go Outside”

This piece from the Wall Street Journal says exactly what I’ve been thinking for a decade now. Nature is a salve and a medicine.

“According to the latest research, untamed landscapes have a restorative effect, calming our frazzled nerves and refreshing the tired cortex. After a brief exposure to the outdoors, people are more creative, happier and better able to focus. If there were a pill that delivered these same results, we’d all be popping it.”

Read it here.

More Native Heritage Disappears from Louisiana


Native Waters: A Chitimacha Recollection

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At the right hand side of the home page there’s a column containing all the blog posts from my new website Shadowfire Books. Myself and my co-conspirators Ken Brown and Gary Drinkwater will be making posts on a regular basis, dealing with the “writing life” and our own works as authors and illustrator. Please check them out…we hope they’ll be entertaining and informative. We’re very proud of the body of work we’ve published in the last month, and hope you’ll enjoy them and spread the word!